The Madiran vineyard is situated in the South-West of France which is the region situated from Bordeaux to the Pyrenees and the Central Massif. The department ‘Pyrenées Atlantiques’ is very mountainous and possesses a wide variety of wines thanks to the indigenous grapes.

The ground is composed of clay, limestone and silicon and has at places quite some pebbles. This is due to the folding and fragmenting of the Pyrenees mountains over the years.

The climate is very soft due to the influence of the Gulf stream in gulf of Gascony. The region is however also under the influence of the mountains and has several micro-climates.

Agriculture consists of cattle in the valleys, sheep in the mountains and duck. Cereals are very important, but it is especially corn that is cultivated in the valleys and on certain slopes.

Wine takes only a limited space with about 5600 ha of which 2200ha AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée).

These 2200ha are subdivided in the following vineyards:

Madiran Jurançon Béarn Irouléguy